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    Participate in Events, organize Meetings and exchange Contacts

  • Events organized with Meeters had over 120,000 hits from 99 countries in less than a year.



  • Take your Event to the next level

    Interactive Hall

    Customize the Hall entrance for the trade show: choose whether to land directly in the platform or have an interactive 3D model

    Exhibition Rooms

    Each stand will have its own personalized content, depending on the type of subscription.

    Exhibitors' Booth

    The interaction within the stand is direct, with the possibility to book appointments and chat. You can also leave your business cards

    Webinars & live conferences

    Ability to follow events and live webinars with dedicated chat, and review past broadcasts

    Data registration and classification

    The dashboard offers the possibility to constantly monitor the data related to the event, allowing an overview of the progress of the analytics

  • Features


    Meeters is a microservice platform with Artificial Intelligence engine for managing user flows, chat, matching and saving data for statistics.


    AI Matching

    Artificial intelligence will help users find what's best for them

    Videocalls & Meetings

    Participants can interact through video calls, one by one or group calls


    View real-time data to measure the success of your event

    Calendars & Appointments

    Participants can schedule appointments and webinars

    Exhibitors' Booth

    Exhibitors will be able to have a stand in which to display their products/services


    Participants can chat with each other and create conversation groups

    Automatic Time Zone

    Organized events automatically adapt to time zones​

    Different Languages

    Participants will be able to enjoy content in several languages

    What's Live

    Live events will capture the attention of participants, increasing the interactions on the platform

  • The Community

    Online events right now

    Remtech Expo

    Remtech chose Meeters because it needed a platform that would recreate the experience of the physical trade show, but digitally. That's how, since September 21, 2020, the first digital platform for the environment has been online, allowing people to meet and discuss issues for the environment and find in one place all the conferences, speakers and content in the booths of the participants

    IBIMI - buildingSMART Italy

    This year, for the fourth edition of the National Conference on BIM and digital evolution in the construction industry, IBIMI has chosen Meeters. There will be many important speakers and topics covered, starting from BIM applied to buildings for the superbonus, openBIM for infrastructures, BIM for public administrations and the digital issuance of permits and finally plants. Practical use cases and real success stories will be presented. IBIMI has thus managed to create a virtual space thanks to Meeters, where it will be possible to interact with all participants and visit the sponsors' stands.


    Fattore Comune chose Meeters to give life to its main annual event: Fattore Innovazione. The event has always been characterized by the interaction and exchange of ideas and experiences of the participants and, among the many platforms taken into consideration, Meeters met their needs. Being, Fattor Comune, moreover, a community, it was also positively evaluated as a useful platform for the management of the many people that compose it.


    Artificial Intelligence Week chose Meeters for the all-digital event held from May 10 to 15, 2021.A lot of participants and speeches that, during the week, followed one another and contributed to the growth of the already large AI WEEK community.


    MedExpo is the first exhibition dedicated to innovation in telemedicine and infobiomedical technologies, open all year round.
    The opening event was held on 20/05/2021 and saw the participation of distinguished scientific minds, including virologist Massimo Galli.

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